​Spectrix is a Functional Service Provider proven to significantly improve productivity, reduce expenses and greatly decrease turn-around times in scientific research and discovery settings. With Spectrix’s unique and dynamic approach to partnerships, clients are able to insource the functional aspects of a job while retaining control of the project and data. Research, Development, and Manufacturing are able to remain on-site, freeing up management and mitigating risks.

​Spectrix’s Onsite Insourcing Capabilities

  • Expand client’s research efficiencies internally
  • Proactively identify work-flow demands/deadlines and customize staffing schedules/lab hours accordingly
  • Implement our gold standard Spectrix Player-Coach Model which successfully manages services and anticipates needs at each site
  • Cross-train team members to ensure continuous coverage in each area of responsibility
  • Maintain clear and open communication between client, employee and Spectrix management
  • Develop collaborative, long lasting business relationships with our clients
  • Provide competitive wages and benefits for our employees to ensure talent retention