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R&D Scientific Services From Beginning to End

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Insourcing Services Provided By Spectrix

Routine instrument maintenance and first line of troubleshooting, including:

  • Scheduled routine PMs following your specific instrument vendors' recommendations.

  • On-site service teams to handle immediate first-line troubleshooting and scheduled PMs, which allows you to concentrate on your core business functions.

  • Spectrix's instrument service team will not close a call until the system is operational and running samples.

  • The ability to QC and monitor instrument stability and sensitivity by developing the methods or utilizing existing methods.

  • Advanced preparation if an instrument is failing. Spectrix will complete daily or routinely scheduled test mixes and determine the quality of the results before it is too late.

  • Oversight of the instrument fleet as a neutral third party. Scheduling all PMs with instrument vendors, oversee maintenance contracts, and predict and prepare for the instruments' end of life.
  • Protein purification

  • RNA DNA extraction/analysis

  • Mammalian/microbial/stem cell culture

  • Medium- and high-throughput drug screening

  • Sample analysis from various species and matrices
  • UV-Vis - collection and interpretation of UV data, maxima and extinction coefficient reporting when needed as well as monitoring UV shifts for studies such as metal binding.

  • Optical Rotation - generation of OR results so that you have time to compare your data to literature values or previously recorded data.

  • FTIR - Collection and interpretation of FTIR sample data.

  • NMR - collection and interpretation of routine NMR 1D and 2D data.

  • pKa and logP - determination of pKa and logP using both potentiometric and spectrophotometric techniques.
  • Preparatory and analytical sample analysis - ability to deliver both analytical and prep LC and LCMS results in medium and high throughput environments.

  • Sample structural identification - collection and interpretation of sample data for structural identification.

  • Purity - method development for purity analyses or utilization of previously developed methods.

  • Stability - method development for stability analyses or utilization of previously developed methods.

  • Solubility - determine the sample solubility utilizing existing or new LC or LCMS methods.

  • QC testing - using existing or newly developed methods.

  • LC LogP - partition/distribution (LogP/LogD) coefficients are determined using reverse phase LC.

  • Shake flask LogD - determination of the logarithm of the distribution coefficient of all species of a molecule between two immiscible solvent phases (octanol:water) using LC analysis.

  • Prep recovery validation - a non-GLP procedure designed to calculate the percent recovery for the preparative LC and LCMS systems.

  • Routine GCMS - collection and interpretation of GCMS sample data.

Reliable biological and chemical sample management support including:

  • Plating, organizing and distributing samples for internal customers.

  • Packaging and shipping samples to external sites.

  • Weighing and sending specific compounds based on internal customers' requests.

  • Daily sample management using standard operation procedures.

  • Distributing and storing lower priority compounds as needed.

  • Completing day to day sample management operations while you focus on your core business functions.

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